Dear Valued customer,
We are offering you a very attractive Packages for Summer 2018.

Package deals are a new aspect of our ever increasing attempts at satisfying our customers.  We, at Bangkok Bespoke Tailors realize that many of our customers are budget conscience, so we have created a way where even the tightest budgeted customers can have an opportunity to re-stock their wardrobes with custom designed apparel. 

Moreover, if you purchase a large number of the same item, such as shirts, trousers or suits, we can offer you a better price. The tailor will simply make a pattern of the item and copy the pattern for the quantity you order.


1 Suit +1 Pants + 3 Shirts +1 Tie 
From US 390 (Free shipping)

2 Suits + 2 Pants + 6 Shirts + 2 Ties
From US 690 (Free shipping) 

5 Shirts
From US 189 (Free shipping) 

5 Pants 
From US $249 (Free Shipping)

Please do not miss a chance!!!!! The promotions are valid until  Fall 2019.  

If you are interested in the offer and would like to place the  order you can visit our website for selections of fabrics and styles or email us.



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